Saturday, April 24, 2010

Poison Oak!

Well, I have FINALLY had the privilege of getting poison oak. I am having a wonderful time with it! I recommend this experience to anyone who dare! Here are a few photos of my FUN! ENJOY!
As you can see from the photos, I am having some slight swelling in the right hand and wrist.  The bottom left photo is of my left forearm, and the bottom right is of my right thigh.
I have tried a few suggestions from friends of how to get rid of this NASTY stuff.  Well, lets just say that I am glad that it works for THEM.  I have purchased expensive medicine like Zanfel.  It costs around $30 to $40/oz.  I was REALLY hopeful that it was going to work for me.  Well, no worky. I also did the cortizone cream, it did nothing as well.  Then I got a little crazy with the bleach and...well...that just HURTS!  Then I finally broke down and went to see the PROFESSIONALS.  So that is where I am not, shot up with some steroids and creamed up too.  I will keep you posted on my status.  I hope to see this gone SOON!  Did I mention that my right wrist feels like a lizard's skin!  Really gross!

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